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    The" School in Chimundo" project was originally a master course project at Bergen School of Architecture attended by 19 students and 2 teachers and one coordinator. For course information and process check out: www.basmozambique.wordpress.com After a lot of positive feedback and publicity some of the students have decided to continue develop the project under the name of "Rå(raw) arkitektur". This will be considered a "new project" and information and progress will therefore be posted on this site. We are currently working ahead with the "School in Chimundo" - project. We are in dialogue with AID GLOBAL and a possible continuation of the project. We are working with applications for funding and development of an actionplan and timeline for the next steps.
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Utover høsten 2009 etter at vi var kommet hjem fra Mozambique var vi fast bestemt på å fortsette prosjektet i Chimundo. Vi følte alle et emosjonelt og faglig ansvar å følge opp og finne ut hvordan vi kunne bidra for å videreutvikle prosjektet. Vi started med å komme i kontakt med kontorer som var interessert … Continue reading

Rå Arkitektur continues the Chimundo project – we need your support!

  As the work of the Bergen(N)based group of architects have proceeded it is now time to start blogging about what we want to achieve. The continuation of the Chimundo project is our main working area at the moment.

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